Adobe Illustrator Drawing

I created this Illustrator drawing for fun during my free time this past Fall 2017 semester. The portrait is of Faze Banks, a social media influencer, and his dog. This piece is inspired by one of his Instagram posts. Faze has his own clothing brand called Loose Change so I drew his logo and replicated it multiple times to make a chain link inspired fence in the background. I then finished with my watermark at the bottom. This piece took multiple sessions to complete and I worked with an average of three layers at a time.

The reason I chose Banks is because he seems like a genuinely good guy despite his rise to fame over social media. Also his lifestyle is filled with cool designer items and his style is very chill yet trendy.

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  1. Nancy Marden · January 22, 2018 Reply

    Great design
    Sounds time consuming but well worth final result

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