Bridge 1: Artist Statement_02/09/18

“The Affects of a Notepad” is a five piece set of artworks centered around an 8×4 inch notebook. In all of my art, I try to reveal meanings, mostly about myself. These pieces do too but they’re also reflecting the importance of a notepad in my life. I make art so that people can understand me and relate with my vision. The ability to express myself through art is largely important to me. “The Affects of a Notepad” series is meant to demonstrate the importance of how a single object can impact one’s life. In my case, this notepad has to the ability to relieve or inflict stress. By analyzing the objects that you use everyday, you can learn a lot about yourself and the impacts they have on you. This series of artworks has allowed my to analyze something that I don’t think of often, a notepad, and reflect on how it benefits my life. If I refuse to write things down in it, then I am enacting personal harm on my psyche. The way in which I made each piece in this series is as important as the concepts behind them.  The artworks that reflect stress and negativity are confusing to look at and have rips in them.  The ones that reflect the ease I experience when I write things down are very smooth and elegant and peaceful. Overall, I really enjoyed making these pieces. I have never analyzed something I thought was so trivial that has turned out to be a huge reflection of who I am as a person.


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