Bridge 1 Critique – Eleni – DAI – 02/09/18


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This piece has good visuals and text. I like the photograph set up of the guy sitting in front of a bunch of cool t-shirts. There’s also graffiti on the wall in the photograph which adds to the street wear presence. The booklet has color scheme continuity between the type color and photo color. I also enjoy the overall simplicity of the booklet and the combination of photos and text.

  1. What was the object she chose?

I can’t tell specifically what her object is but it’s something to do with the Polo brand.

2. What is she trying to tell about herself?

These piece is allowing Eleni to express herself and her interests in fashion, hip hop and its culture.

3. What did you like most about Eleni’s project?

I liked that she made a magazine. I think it was a unique idea and it was interesting to read and look at.

4. How does this piece make me feel?

This piece was very interesting and held my attention. It made me excited because now I know that Eleni has some of the same interests as me – hip hop culture and fashion.

5. What do you take away from this piece?

I learned about Polo’s presence in hip hop culture and its longevity in the fashion world.

I find the concept of rappers wearing Polo interesting because it seems like the opposite client base for which the brand was intended for is buying the brand. The piece is very concrete and objective. The intent of the magazine is very clear. I liked concept of a booklet but I thought it was distracting how the pages weren’t attached and every other page was blank. I would recommend a thrift store called Metropolis. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from Loeb and it has very cool vintage street wear clothing.

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