Bridge 1 Critique – Eva – DAI – 02/09/18



This piece is the shape of a point shoe filled with images of Eva dancing.  Their is a lot of movement in the photos of Eva however the point show itself is a still outline. I like the black background of the screen and the black segments in the actual piece. The negative space is interesting and makes the piece more dramatic. The images of Eva pop out against the black background. The color palette is mostly the same with the light, pastel colors.

  1. What was the objects she chose?

The object she chose was point shoes.

2. What is she trying to tell about herself?

She was trying to explain her past and Ballet’s importance to her. She wants people to understand this part of herself. It reflects who she is as a person and what Ballet’s affect on dancers is. She’s trying to break down the associations with Ballet as a beautiful, elegant sport. When in reality it caused Eva a lot of physical and emotional hurt.

3. How is this an expression of her creativity?

Eva is explaining an art form through this art piece.

4. What was your favorite piece out of the series?

I liked “Abuse” because I think it most effectively conveys the message she is trying to get across to the viewer. The girl’s screaming and anger confined within the ballet shoe is very moving and I could immediately tell that the piece was about the struggles that Ballerinas face with their sport.

5. How does this piece make me feel?

This series reminds me of my past as a dancer and how their are many different art forms in the world other than fine art. Can anything be art? Is art simply anything that a person do to express them-self?

I understand this piece and where Eva is getting her emotions and reactions from. Ballet is a brutal sport. When I was younger I did ballet. I loved dancing but I didn’t want to be confined to one type of dance. I spread myself out and practiced other forms of dance like modern, tap, and hip hop. The series is representational and it reflects the problems that come with the sport of Ballet. I enjoyed the piece because it was ironic in a sense.  The point shoe outline was very crisp and neat, while the arrangements of images inside were arranged in overlapping or spread out formats.  The formats inside seemed more to be in an arbitrary and random order. Their is also parallels in all the pieces. The imagery inside the shoes involve movement when the shoe itself is in motion too. I enjoyed the concept overall but their is one photo in “Accomplishments” that takes away from the others. Af the point of the shoe, their is a photo of Eva flipping her hair and it looks like it was taken outside because their is green from grass peaking through her hair. I think the green color contrasts to the pastels that are present through all the other photos. I recommend looking at my portfolio post titled “Ex-Ballerina” because it’s essentially what Eva is trying to convey in her series, I just used a different media for expressing this concept.

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