Bowery Mission Fieldwork

I visited the Bowery Mission to collect information. I prepared a presentation with my findings. I started with some basic facts like when the organization was started, about how many meals they served last year, how much space they have for people to stay, etc. I proceeded to do more thorough research about the programs they offer.

Their are temporary housing opportunities but also longer term programs lasting between 6-15 months. The Bowery Mission offers four main programs: the Life Transformation Program for men and for women, the Women’s Center at Heartsease Home, and the Men’s Center on Avenue D. The two Transformation Programs offer Chapel, prayer and Bible studies which I found extremely interesting. The program isn’t forcing religion on anyone because people have the choice to attend, however I personally think it improves people’s outlook on life if they believe in something beyond their control. The Women’s Center was the first faith based residential recovery program for women. It can have 50 women at a time. Last year they had 42 women in recovery programs and 8 graduates who moved on to independent apartment style housing. All four of these programs offer training and counseling programs and volunteer opportunities. The Bowery Mission also has a clothing program which allows free clothing and hot showers, and a van than drives around giving out free meals. They have a medical clinic with volunteer doctors and nurses. Some of the most common disabilities homeless people have are diabetes, asthma, hypertension and foot related diseases. The Bowery Mission has a partnership with Project Renewal to provide medical appointments, medication, and psychiatric evaluations. They also offer programs to help kids grow up in positive environments. The Mont Lawn Camps help kids set attainable goals while offering “enrichment activities, mentoring, and practical help for their families.”




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