Week 1: Choosing A Community

The community that I chose for my fieldwork and research was homeless people in NYC. After touring the Bowery last semester, I learned about the area, including the Bowery Mission. After doing some research and visiting the Mission I realized that I’d never heard of a program that specifically dealt with the reasons why people are homeless. I’d only heard of homeless shelters that offer temporary housing, life necessities such as clothing, food and water. The Bowery Mission was different in that they offered all those things, plus recovery programs, employment opportunities, and longer-term housing. After learning about all the Bowery Mission had to offer, I still wasn’t satisfied because they never addressed or questioned why the people that enter their facilities were homeless in the first place. By analyzing the Bowery Mission, I observed their facilities, learned about their policies and goals for the homeless. It helped me realized how I was going to solve the wicked problem of homelessness. I was going to invent a facility that addressed one of the biggest factors of homelessness. My facility would treat the mentally ill by offering counseling, medicine, and other treatments to those of low income or without insurance.

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