Reflection on Circle Line Field Experience 


The fact that dumping waste into the ocean wasn’t banned until the 90s is shocking. When New York stoped dumping, they started hauling the waste across country by train. Now the city has 14 treatment plants including the Digester Eggs at Newton Creek, which processes waste water from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.1 I chose this photo because I remember learning about them in sustainable class. I think it’s fascinating to learn about the process in which our waste is processed, however I, and many other people, don’t think about it often so it’s easy to go ignorant to something that dramatically impacts our community. It was unfortunate that the facility was so far away from the boat but if I had time I would definitely go closer to the facility or take a tour if I could. In class, we discussed how the outside designs of facility like these are  important for those living around it. The facility needs to not smell or be ugly in appearance so that people won’t mind living near the waste treatment center. I would like to see and experience those exterior colorful lights  and other traits that make the facility “friendly.” It was interesting listing to the podcast called Poop Train about the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant and how their are different rooms, some with whole ecosystems, others with waterfalls of poop. That made me curious about what the inside of the Digester Eggs is like. Is it more fascinating and surprising than disgusting? The speakers in the podcast also mentioned that kids would play soccer on or near the facility so I’m curious if the eggs have the same environment around them. Overall, I thought the whole boat ride was a good experience.  Despite the fact that I got sunburned I really enjoyed the sights and spending time with friends.

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