Mycelium Growth

The first time I tried to grow mycelium it did not work. I don’t know why it didn’t but fortunately, the second time it did.

Second Batch of Mycelium

Part of the assignment was to take the mycelium while it was growing and put in into a mold so it could grow into a certain shape. First I decided to put it into a bottle so when it was done growing I would cut it open and have a sculpture of a bottle.

However I realized that the objet I made out of mycelium had to have a purpose other then being a cool piece of art. Therefore I put it some into a glass container so it would harden in a cup shape and then I could use it as a candle or pencil holder.

Due to time constraints, I was unable to wait until the whole shape was covered in white mycelium. However it was hard enough to hold it shape.

Overall, I am happy with my candle holder. I found this experiment fascinating and I enjoyed learning about this organic, natural-forming material. I would use this material for other projects however it’s tricky because it takes a while to grow and can fail easily.



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