Ordinary Object Analysis

In my Visual Communications class we had to chose an object from our bag that had significance to us. I chose my wallet. I had to draw three angles of it. Then I had to research the history of wallets, describe what it physically looks like, and explain the sentimental value.

This wallet is important to me because it reminds me of the summer when I bought it. That summer was filled with freedom, fun, and friends. The look of the wallet reminds me of why I’m at Parsons. It is black faux leather with red, white, blue, and yellow stitching reading “Ride It Like You Stole It.” It has an image of a motorcyclist and it has a silver chain hanging off of it. I came to Parsons so that I could learn how to build a brand. I want that brand to have a rebellious, I don’t care feel. I want most of the pieces to incorporate dark colors and chains. I enjoyed this assignment not only because it exercised my drawing abilities but it made me analyze an object that is not only important because it carries money and identification, but because it reminds me of my dreams for the future.

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