Creative Technical Studio Final with Research

The first thing I had to make in Creative Tech Studio was a stuffed arm.

For the next project, I had to choose a topic for a research project. I chose “Dark Universe” a film about space that was shown at the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. We had to find primary and secondary research on the topic and present it in a clean, organized way.


Then we used this research to create a design that we would have printed on a stretch cotton fabric that we would buy and make into a t-shirt.

I took these screenshots during the film.

These were a couple versions of the t-shirt that I designed in Illustrator. The first file would be the one I sent to the printers.

Final Piece

The next project was to make a woven shirt with this research inspired by a button down. I then had to do more in depth fabric explorations. I had to make three boards with four swatches each along with their materiality, cost, width, and where they were from. Each board had to have two fabric manipulations, two hand embroidered fabric swatches, one button, and two trims.

Then I bought a button down and manipulated it.

This shirt has a cuff and placket, collar and collar stand, and buttons.

I used this same research to develop a woven dress idea.

Instead of using muslin to start the pattern making, we used duck tape.

I covered the dress form in plastic wrap and then put the shape of the dress I wanted in duck tape on top. I carefully cut it out where I wanted seams.

After cutting the piece off, I laid it on the table and cut out darts to it could lie flat.

I chose a sheer and wool fabric. I made it asymmetrical like the woven button down.

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