Narrative and Memory

My chosen garment:

Class exploration:

At home explorations:

First iteration:

Some garments make you feel like a different person. Fashion is a form of self expression and identity. Therefore, if you feel one way one day, you can dress accordingly. Other times, one can put on a piece of clothing and immediately feel a different way. I decided to draw my black denim Wrangler jacket with chain details. Every time I put it on I feel powerful, like my best self. For this assignment, we were not only supposed to draw a detailed depiction of the garment, but also reflect a story about it through the background details. Therefore, I decided to add some wings to the jacket to hint at a supernatural feeling that comes with wearing it. I then decided to add weapons hanging from the wings to reflect how the jacket is a form of confidence and amour for me. It’s a way to keep me protected from the elements while making me feel like I own the world.


Isabelle Lucente is a sophomore in Fashion design at Parsons, The New School for Design. She was introduced to the fine arts when she started art classes in elementary school, and has continued studying and making art up until now. She is a cross disciplinary artist who enjoys designing and making clothing, digital design, fine art, photography, and videography. Not only does she enjoy making realistic drawings and portraits, but she also likes to make 3D pieces such as mixed media collages, sculptures, jewelry, and clothing designs. She likes to enter her artwork into art festivals and contests, and she has won numerous awards for her art. Isabelle uses nature and other art forms, including music and music videos, as her main forms of inspiration.  As of now, Isabelle’s goal is to start a brand inspired by the luxurious lifestyles of musicians, specifically hip hop artist and rappers. 


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