Versace Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

The above snapshots are from the Versace Fall 2018 Ad Campaign. Most of the shots have more female representation then male however the collection seems to be inspired by western cowboys and Celtic bagpipers. This campaign and runway show used dark colors along with plaids of yellow, red, blue, and green. Dark colors and plaids are often associated with masculinity however I personally think all of these clothing pieces could be worn by either gender. I see a cowboy reference in the outfits with bandanas tied around necks and paneled denim shirts and pants. Their is also a strong presence of Celtic culture with the shape of the hats, kilt inspired skirts, blazers, and knee socks. The advertisement defies gender norms because despite the fact that the designs, colors, and inspiration are masculine, most of the clothing is worn by women in the advertisement. Susan Kaiser, in Fashion and Cultural Studies, said “Gender is actually not just who we are; it is what we do or perform as we participate in an embodied way with cultural discourses.” I agree with this statement and I think that clothing, unlike gender, can be a way to define cultural discourses. Like in this collection, inspiration was drawn from different cultures and places however the clothing has been standardized to fit both sexes. I believe that fashion is about appropriation. Designers are meant to base collections off of cultures, ideas, events. We are supposed to draw inspiration from one thing to give birth to another. 

Susan Kaiser, Fashion and Cultural Studies (New York: Berg, 2012) 123.

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