#5 What is Fashion Reflection?

I’ve always said that fashion is a reflection of who I am and who I want to be. Throughout this semester my classmates and I explored the process of subjectivity and what it means. The subject positions in which we are born into dictate the life experiences we have and impact that way we choose to express ourselves through clothing. Their are intersectionalities between our style-fashion-dress that reflect who we are and where we come from. That being said, style-fashion-dress is a social process in which we rely on others for inspiration and feedback. I always considered getting dressed to be an individual activity however “fashion involves becoming collectively with others.1” Fashion includes the desire to fit in with those around us while still expressing our individual uniqueness. Although we have the freedom to choose the clothing we want to wear, their are societal constraints that prohibit us from wearing whatever we want, whether that be through laws that prohibit lack of clothing or from people that give disapproving and obnoxious stares at certain dress choices. In dressing ourselves, we are immediately becoming apart of a larger group of people that use clothing to express how they feel. Even those wearing uniforms are expressing a certain identity through their outfits. Whether we dress out of basic need or to reflect our personalities, dressing our bodies gives us “an ongoing sense of self and identity in a changing world.2” 

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