Specialized Studio Tailored Jacket

For my technical sewing class, I had to create a tailored jacket with two piece sleeves,  a welt pocket, full lining, and notched collar.

I was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2006 Fall/Winter collection “The Widows of Culloden.” The collection was about the Jacobite Risings between Scotland and England which culminated in the 1745 Battle of  Culloden. The silhouettes, colors, and fabrics referenced the mourning widows that lost their husbands in the battle.


We completed 3 sessions of model fittings.

I chose fabrics of black satin and a dark plaid blend to create this feeling of sadness and ideally this would be worn with a black lace dress to complete the look. I made the top piece cape like to mimic the traditional Scottish jackets and capes. I created a simple jacket out of satin underneath with a collar in the front and back. I then hand stitched the cape to certain points of the jacket. This allows the wearer to stay warm even though the sides of the cape are open.  I added functioning buttons to the front and back.


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