Specialized Studio Vionnet

For my first sewing project I chose a Madeleine Vionnet dress and reworked her design. It was easier to drape in toile because the fabric I chose was lighter than my final fabric. However this made it harder to predict the problems I would have with my final fabric.

It was challenging to fit the skirt pieces around the circles on the hips while keeping the integrity of the circles. This was the same for the back of the dress.

After cutting out my final fabric and letting it hang for a day, I realized the circles on the front were not going to support the weight of the skirt. Therefore I made the circles into smaller curves. After finishing the dress I realized I should have done that for the back too.

In the future I would like to work with this design and experiment more with maintaining the shapes of the circles. I think it would need some hidden straps to do so or I could experiment with using a lighter fabric for the skirt.

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