“Don’t Judas God” Pre Thesis

For the second half of my junior year, I worked on a Pre Thesis which I explored in my research class and my core classes of Design Studio and Specialized Studio. My topic was about the Catholic Church’s views on body modifications.

In the fashion program at Parsons you can choose pathways every semester. The pathways are collection, materiality, product, and systems. My sophomore year I took systems, Fall ’19 I took collection, and Spring ’20 I took materiality. For materiality, we make our own fabrics which means we can either make them from scratch or alter pre-existing ones. I ended up really liking this pathway since it proved to be a better way to integrate my fine art into my designs so I plan on continuing in this pathway in my thesis year.  Below is the link to my research essay.

ARS Essay “Don’t Judas God

Next, is the link to my final pdf which I submitted for my DS and SS classes. It includes the jacket I made as well as the process and inspiration photos it took to get there.


Here is the tech pack for the jacket.

Tech Pack 1

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