Final Intervention First Draft

Topic: Wastage created by JUUL products (focus on “pods”).

System: Material systems –> Manufacturing –> Recycling –> Extended Product Responsibility


  • There is no existing program for JUUL products, and most JUUL products are thrown directly into the trash, if not on the street or flushed down toilets – a shockingly common occurrence.
  • Though JUUL devices are marketed as reusable, most teens purchase an average of 3-4 JUUL devices, either because they are lost or due to fluctuating quits and relapses in use.
  • JUUL pods (capsules containing the nicotine “juice” used by the e-cigarette device) fare not reusable.
  • Trash from JUUL pods creates an approximated 18 million pieces of new trash each month
  • Lithium Ion batteries used in JUUL devices are toxic to our environment and need to be disposed of in a safe way.
  • “Juice” used in non-empty JUUL pods is toxic to our environment and need to be disposed of in a safe way.
  • JUUL has taken no actions to date to address the disposal of their product, or the negative effects typical (trash cans, litter, sewer systems) disposal has on our environment.
  • JUUL sales increased 600% from 2016-2017 and are predicted to grow exponentially.
  • JUUL products are the most used e-cigarette, their sales representing 72% of the e-cigarette market.

Proposed Solution 1 (Idea): To create a recycling service that will minimize and eventually remove heavy and increasing trash flow from JUUL products.

Create: An recycling service that pairs with an app. The app will create a user interface that makes both access to drop off locations, and the process of dropping off waste from JUULs, simple. The app and service will operate with a fleet of self-sustaining street kiosks, very similar to the already existing and successfully installed/manufactured LinkNYC  Public WiFi kiosks. To entice usage, the app will offer redeemable points to those who choose to recycle (free of charge) with the service – a small reward for bettering the environment. To promote usage most successfully, points can be redeemed for more JUUL pods. In the spirit of limiting smoking, however, other options will exist for point redemption such as donations to organizations working against climate change.

Sketches: User Interface/Idea Map 

**revision post critique: consider adding a third option for the disposal of non-empty pods**

Renderings: Imagined Street Usage/Simple User Interface Run-through

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