Bridge 5: Artists Talk

I. Introduce Yourself


I’m sure you all know me somewhat by now – My name is Jackson. I live primarily in California. I’m a 19 year-old, gap-year admit student following the business admin program here at parsons.

II. Bridge 4: Documentation and Process

Initial Inspiration: (Seminar Into Studio)

When I chose my grandparents as my subjects for my sound portrait project, I knew my main focus would be capturing their dynamic through sound with some sort of visual aid. When developing the latter portion of my final project, I was initially inspired by the idea of objects as history. On my mother’s side of the family there is a plethora of preserved written documentation of family history in various forms, this was the base for my research paper in Seminar. There also exists an immense collection of well maintained physical heirlooms, which I chose to represent a visual representation of the preserved family history that was imperative to my essay. The objects featured above are family objects from my parents’ home, while they have been somewhat dispersed amongst children and grandchildren the majority live with my grandparents.

Which led to develop my…

Initial Sketches

While I was always solid on my vision for my sound portrait, I was still unsure of what to create as a visual pairing.

I gained a solid grasp on my vision during our peer feedback session.

I had initially intended to photograph items of furniture digitally, making distortions in photoshop as a visual metaphor for my grandparents accents. When pitching this idea to my peers I received a series of feedback that led me to concoct my final idea. Someone suggested the use of polaroids which led me to think of making a polaroid collage, but I did not have my polaroid in New York with me, so I let this idea simmer as peer reviewers cycled through. That is, until someone suggested combining my prior ideas of either photographing my grandparents or their belongings in an alternating photo series, at which point I decided to combine them in another way, that would also implement my polaroid collage idea, by staging them in an extravagant portrait with their belongings – using disposable cameras instead of polaroids.

My process then proceeded as follows:



  1. Collection of materials (cameras)
  2. Stage (re-furnish living room space, item hunt, stylize, etc…)
  3. Family discussions over staged area
  4. Re-stage as best fit
  5. Repeat 2-4
  6. Shoot (4 cameras, twice over)
  7. Develop film
  8. Lay out/puzzle together photo prints (2 sets)
  9. Combine best of (removing unnecessary photos, creating most cohesive collage)
  10. Repeat 8-9
  11. Glue down final

Drafts/Process photos:



  1. Candid/ambient recordings (3 days)
  2. Interview (1 day)
  3. File off-load
  4. Sort/name files by content (174 total, avg. 2 minutes)
  5. Edit down sound library
  6. Import and compose (premiere)
  7. Export

Drafts/Process photos:

III. 4 Moments

  1. Sustainable Systems Final (original idea did not work out –> ended up creating something better, more exciting)
  2. Dye Lab (mandatory exercise turned cool project –> ended up continuing learned practice –> dyed a shirt)  
  3. In-class Seminar writings (opened up the mind through simple prompts – no “e”, realms of the unreal, thanksgiving nightmare)
  4. Time class in general (felt like an unnecessary refresh of applications with which I am already very familiar (frustrating) –> needed to assume a different point of view, ended up seeing being able to use mediums I already know to make simple projects as fun, rather than useless)


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