Studio 2 Bridge 3

For my third bridge project I was inspired by Los Angeles Apparel, the company my boyfriend works for full time and were I work part-time.

In Seminar 2, my third bridge project focused on the efforts of the company I currently work with. In this assignment, we were asked to write an argumentative article focusing on sustainability in fashion. I chose to make the argument that the reason why textile recycling is not a feasible process is because most of our clothes are made of blended materials. I continued by offering the use of pure materials, specifically 100% cotton, as a suggested solution to the fashion recycling dilemma. 

For studio, I chose to represent my argument visually by taking factory damages – garments which typically would be sent to recycle and turned into new ones – and using these old t-shirts, cutting them up and repurposing them to create a new bodice/bodysuit.

Project photos:

(note, the black fabric used to make this garment made it hard to photograph detail)




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