Anxiety Mashup Video

For this assignment, we had to grab videos from the internet and put them together in one video to try and create a different meaning. I personally knew exactly what I wanted to do because recently I have been obsessed with this rapper, Logic. His most recent album talks a lot about mental health and equality and in this one song called Anziety, there is a part where he just talks about his experiment with anxiety. I have anxiety myself so I totally related to this part of the song so when thinking about making a video to have a different meaning I thought this would be a good audio option. So once I cut the audio so it was about a minute, I started to but in videos I found online that could possibly go well with the audio and make the meaning of anxiety work. I used videos that are clear what the meaning was and used videos that where more abstract to the overall video and words. At the end of the video, I really wanted the meaning to be clear and have the actual word anxiety be presented so it was more impactful to the viewer.

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