A Dog’s Utopia

Trouble by Coldplay
Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
Pony By Ginuwine

I choose to do what I would think would be a dog’s utopia. I made the opening scene of the dog getting in trouble so when he got put into the cage and fell asleep, he would fall asleep and dream about his utopia. I used a black and white filter when it was from the dog’s point of view since dogs are color blind. I also used effects called Luma key and Gaussian Blur when it was the dream/utopia part to make it seem different from when it wasn’t the dream. I wanted the scenes in the utopia part to be what an ideal dog’s day would be like in his perfect world like running around free catching a ball or finding a love interest. I then ended it with him waking up from his dream of utopia to realize he was still in that cage and in trouble.


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