Dog Bone – Bridge Assignment

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Dog Bone

I feel so claustrophobic in this store. I’m like one thing out of millions of things in here. I got crammed on this back wall like chopped liver. Why couldn’t I be put in the front? I deserve to have my time shine and to be hopefully picked. I have been here for two years now. I need to leave like yesterday. I can’t stand having zero space to spread out. I’ve been leaning on this ball next to be for two weeks now since some lady moved me to get to different dog toy then me. That killed me because I just want to get the hell out of here. I really thought that lady was going to buy me but then just moved me to get the guy behind me… I have to have high hopes though or I’ll never get picked. I know I’m not an authentic bone that came from an animal but come on I’m just as good or even better! It’s hard though since my clear casing is collecting dust now and I can’t do anything about it now. The people that bought me and put me here don’t really clean much here. There is so many things here I think it’s hard for them to clean everyone but it would be nice if the back wall that I’m on would get cleaned anytime soon. The air in my casing is so stale now. It sucks. That’s why I need to get out of here so I can leave this dumb clear casing and have fresh air again. Wow wouldn’t that be nice. But one time I saw a guy that kind of looked like me but was being carried around by this weird looking thing in its mouth. The guy was screaming in pain and told me to never get picked. It was traumatizing but I think he just got picked by a bad person. I don’t really know my purpose. But I don’t think its whatever he was going through. Maybe I will have a nice home where I get out of this packaging and lay near some pretty flowers and live the rest of my days looking at a view of beautiful mountains with bright green grass on the horizon.

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