Sunday Morning – Bridge Assignment

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Sunday Mornings

Hopefully, Kat comes to help me out soon. My feet are really starting to kill me right now. At least a lot of people are buying my corn and kababs this morning and I’ll make a decent amount today. Sunday mornings are definitely the best days to be out selling my food with all those flea markets with so many people walking around. If I just keep selling my food on weekends and get out here early enough, maybe I’ll be able to actually own my own food truck soon. I’ll call it K&K’s Stand. We will sell more than Mexican corn and kababs. I can start to make some of my own homemade recipes like my famous chicken enchilada dip and maybe even mom’s recipes… Ugh, that will be the day when I’m able to do that without having to worry about rent money or food for the kids… where is Kat?? I really need to use the restroom, I’ve been out here for five hours now. It’s the end of October and its eighty degrees out today and being around this very hot cart cooking isn’t helping me. I need to get water soon. Maybe I should text Kat and ask where she is and to get me some water. If she doesn’t come soon, she is the one cooking dinner for her siblings and cleaning all the dishes. I need to figure out soon what I’m going to get John for our anniversary. 25 years……wow has It really been that long!? I need to think of something good because I know he will get me something I don’t expect and go overboard like he always does. I still can’t believe I found such an amazing man to love and takes me for me. The greatest gift he has given me is our 4 children. How the hell am I going to come even close to that?? Another child?? No no can’t do that again for a while until we get a better handle on money. Ok, how about…A YANKEES HAT?!… wow that really tops his gift of that gold necklace he got me last year. YEAH RIGHT. Ok, I have no idea what the hell I’m going to get him. I guess I’ll google it when I get home. IF KAT EVER GETS HERE. I’m going to kill that girl I swear. And if she doesn’t bring me a water, I might as well take that new iPhone 7 that we just got her for her birthday a couple weeks ago from her since she doesn’t bother to use it to respond to me!

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