Waiting – Bridge Assignment



I’ve been hanging here for 8 years now…. I wonder if I will ever leave this spot? All I want is to be free and see the outdoors again. I’ve seen the same CD’s, DVD’s and posters for what seems like the whole time I have been here. I just want to fulfill the reason I was created because I feel like my golden years are fading away day after day. I want to feel the sometimes wet or tall grass against my polyester skin. I want to feel the hot sunlight or cold wind coming down on me. I haven’t been pushed by anyone for years now or seen my companion that I sometimes avoided but once in a while enjoyed meeting up with. Who thought it was a good idea to put me in this dumbass uncomfortable net. Were they trying to be cruel by making this net look similar to my companion? I’m supposed to be on the ground not suspended in the air where gravity is telling me I belong on the ground as well. I was made with this gold exterior for a reason… IM SUPPOSE TO BE A STAR AND SHOWN OFF! NOT HANGING IN THIS DEAD-BEAT SHOP! I’M GOING CRAZY I SWEAR! How could this happen to me?? One moment I’m in Brazil enjoying the warm sun and being pushed back and forth on a field with the sound of children laughing and fighting over me and then there’s now. In a cold dusty poorly lit room where I haven’t felt the ground in years or made children laugh with joy. When the man bought me, I was so excited. Little did I know I was going to be hanging on his shops’ ceiling for years as if I have no purpose! I can’t believe I am rotting here, having no purpose now or making someone’s day better. WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT? I am still waiting for the day when someone asks if I’m on sale or not, and gets me the fuck out of here. And these guys next to me are boring as fuck too. I’m clearly not supposed to be here, their polyester is a sliver. IM GOLD. I should be out in the world exploring and having the time of life but instead, I’m in this stupid shop.


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