Assignment #1: ‘The walking tour’

I would first start at Toby’s Estate on 5th avenue which is a cute little coffee shop and bookstore. This place feels really cozy and has good coffee and a cute bookstore to explore while you are there which is from Strand a NYC stample bookstore. Then we would make our way to the Flatiron building. I feel like everyone wants to see at least on an iconic landmark in NYC while you’re touring.  Then we will head down Broadway street to Flying  Tiger Copenhagen. This cute little store has so many cute trinkets and gifts you could buy for those friends you need to get a gift for back home. Then go to Fishs Eddy on the corner of E 19th street.  This store has ceramic house wears and unique kitchen sets to buy and has a vintage feel when you walk in. Then finish at Grey Dog which is a cute little cafe/ restaurant. This place has a cozy feel to it and dare say hipster feel to it as well with cute lights hanging from everywhere. To summarize this tour, I didnt want it to be a cookie cutter tour with known stores or chain store where you could go anywhere for. I wanted to take people to places known to NYC and to Greenwich village.

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