ASSIGNMENT# 3 – documentary film: ‘Side Walk’

The information I learned from the main people in this film is that most of them are on the streets from not being able to get a job, needing money for their family, they went to jail so it’s hard to get a job, being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol or not having an education. When people ask, ” What is street smarts?” this is a good example of that term. They documented these people on the streets really well with actually getting their stories and showing that they think of selling books and things they find on the streets as their own business. They did this by following them around, interviewing them, and then the creator even worked on the streets himself so having the first-hand experience really help with getting more personal information from the people still living on the streets. The question that just kept popping in my head watching this film was how could anyone live like this for more than a day let alone over twenty years! I was happy to see some community members of the area helped out like giving a spare key, letting them use the restrooms or donating items to them to make a living. The main problem I see with this sidewalk living is their health for sure! Them not sleeping on beds, not having the right nutrients in their diets, not being able to do basic hygiene things and their mental health as well.

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