Assignment# 11- Class Exercise- Change what appeared to be fixed

I had to observe and investigate an object/form/image I brought from home and then form a set of questions to ask myself that could improve the object. Then I reviewed a partners investigation questions and gave feedback and vise vera. Then finally repurpose or design the object based on our questions and feedback.

I decided to redesign my Diabetic Meter because I use it every day and there is definitely room for improvement in the design. First off it’s just really bulky and thick so I wanted to fix that. Also, I think to make it into a phone case would be a better solution to the case now because diabetics are supposed to test their blood sugars every 2 hours and usually everyone just keeps their phone in a place for quick use so it would be less of an inconvenience to go through a bag to get it.

What I took away from this assignment is everything has room for improvement. I really liked this assignment because it got me thinking about the objects I use every day and the possibilities of redesigning it to be more helpful to my use. I also took away that recreating a prototype or redesign can be challenging and could take many times to create to get it right.

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