In your Bridge 2, you will explore the relations between the quantitative and the qualitative in the explorations of constructed environments. 

For this project, I had to find articles, use what I gathered from going to Jackson Heights, videos and etc. to gather information about Jackson Heights to be able to create a data visualization poster. I didn’t necessarily want to just use the basic statistics to put on my poster so I had to find articles that gave me possibly information uncommonly known. Jackson Heights is a very diverse place which is very clear once someone arrives there so I thought that information about the different races was an interesting and useful information to use on my poster. I also used information about poverty, age, education, fun facts and about language spoken there. I decided to use the photographs I took while being in Jackson Heights as the background to get a sense of the place as well as the graphs with the facts on it and made sure the charts/data was a bit transparent to be able to see the photographs. I found that making the data into graphs was a bit challenging for me because you had to figure out which graphs or charts best fit the information I found and then to create them was a challenge too. It was a challenge because when looking at inspiration for this project, I saw amazing done data visuals and I would have loved to have created something like them but felt that I needed to know more knowledge about how to create visuals like that in Adobe or another program. But with the knowledge, I already knew about Abobe Photoshop is how I created my data visual poster.

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