Assignment #14- Cooper Hewitt Museum- Visit Reflection

This is the Path Finder created by Florian Puech and Lise Pape in 2014. It is made of Electronic components, printed circuit board and foam and the technology in the sole is some embedded sensors. The use of this insole for a shoe is to provide vibrational feedback to people at risk of falls. So for people that have Peripheral Neuropathy, general balance issues or unable to feel the ground.

This is Suit(and Mannequin) created by Fuseproject and Superflex in 2016. It is made out of engineered fabric, motors, batteries and control boards. The technology on this suit is in the Hexagonal pods. The use of this suit is adding strength to muscles and joints in an undergarment designed to assist people with mobility and also configures to align with muscular composition.


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