Assignment #15- Ergonomics- Video Reflection

I really enjoyed watching this video and learning what ergonomics means. I guess I didn’t really realize or pay much attention to objects when designed that you really have to think about all the different kinds of users that will have to interact with it and how not everyone has the average type of strength or skill to use the item. Personally, the example about the adjustable seat in a car is the most useful to me because I’m only 5’2 and my family shares cars so my dad is 5’7 so I could never be driving the same car with what he has to adjust his seat too because I would never reach the pedals to be able to drive.   Some objects I interact with on a daily bases could definitely use some ergonomic design improvements. For example, the beds in the dorms are set to a certain height that for a person like me who is 5’2 is a little hard to get into every day and it can’t be any lower because the drawers for my clothing is right under it.  Another idea that could be helpful to me is some type of footrest in the showers for when I wanna shave my legs because the showers in the dorms here are very tiny and someone like me with a back injury it’s difficult to bend down for a long period of time.

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