Assignment #12-Watch the movie: Watch the Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (William H. Whyte)

Reflection-DATA VISUALIZATION Format such as Mind Mapping, charts, graphs, icons, etc. it is to your discretion as long as you will provide the needed information.
Questions to refer to:
Summary of what the movie is about.
What are the important elements described in the movie?
What are the criteria for outdoor public space?
What are the criteria for indoor public space?

This film was about ethnographers who were seeing what worked in public spaces and what didn’t work in public spaces. They went and observed many spaces to see what improvements were needed to make the space better. A lot of the observation was very relatable in what I have witnessed in public spaces and my own personal opinion on the matter. I think it’s important to think about the things talked about in this film if designing a public space in the future.




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