Assignment #23-3 TED Talks

Resource Abundance by Design | William McDonough at World Economic Forum

I enjoyed listening to this TED talk because I agreed with a lot of what he had to talk about. I agree with that we should be finding ways to design things that can go back into the environment. We create so much waste from all these objects that we use daily and throw away so much waste every day. We should start upcycling the things we throw away. We need a change for our future.

From spider webs to elevators: leveraging biomimicry | Rene Polin & Daphne Fecheyr | TEDxCLE

I liked how in this talked they showed the process of how they started to think about their designs. How they threw out there crazy ideas about materials like the spider’s webs to create their new designs. I also enjoyed hearing about how they were unsure when hearing about the more sustainable way but were openminded to the idea of it. This gives me hope for the future of design and that company will try to research other materials possibly available to create their designs.

Yves Béhar : Why Designers Should Be In Love With The Process

I enjoyed listening to this talk to because I liked how he was talking about thinking of new ways of designing. That you really need to observe the original object and think of possible ways that it can still be that object but in a new way. I also liked how he mentioned that designing more sustainable will help consumers have less waste. I also enjoyed seeing all the tests that were done for redesigning something.

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