Assignment#18-Design & Tech-videos

We had to watch 12 videos that had the theme of design for the future. I really enjoyed watching all these videos about some cities now and what they are doing to help be more sustainable. I really enjoyed the video about the smart trash cans in Philly. Since I’m from Philly, I saw those trash cans around the city all the time but didn’t realize what they were capable of or what was different about them. I think it’s amazing that it crushes down the trash to fit more and alerts the trash company when its time for a new bag. Another sustainable invention I liked was the Wind Mills in London that powers 500,000 homes in the city! I thought that was very smart to do. I also liked how in that video how they mention the challenges with the windmills like the birds in the area that could get killed from putting any more up. I really enjoyed learning about all the inventions and sustainable things build like the smart street lights, recycling water from the ocean, and smart building.

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