ASSIGNMENT#5 –NYC neighborhoods – Videos Reflection

I learned that Jackson Heights is a very diverse area with many different cultures. There are 167 different languages spoke there and is famous for all the different kinds of food found there. In Red Hook, it seems to be a pretty heavy crime area and is near the docks. There is a large art community in the neighborhood. Sandy did affect this area and seemed to bring community members together from it. In Harlem, it is different then when it was known for the Harlem Renaissance but still has a lot of culture. The area is really large and a lot of big companies have storefronts in the area now. In Yorkville, it’s in the upper east side and seems lively with parks, tree-lined streets and close to the waterfront. It does need help with transportation in the area since no subway station is that close to it. Lastly, Crown Heights seems to need help with getting a sense of community. The Jewish community and the black community seem super divided in this area.

The neighborhood I choose to pick is Jackson Heights. I really enjoyed seeing all the different cultures mixed into this small neighborhood. I have also never been to Queens yet so I would like to visit it and Jackson Heights seems to be a cool place to visit first. I liked that it seems like I could get all these different kinds of food in just one area. It’s like a mini Epcot but in new york city!

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