ASSIGNMENT#6 –‘My Neighborhood Visit

Your task this week will be to apply the ethnographic methods of research you have already learned:
walking, observation, and recording/editing, to explore a neighborhood of your choice.
Having checked on the map, plan at least two walks (preferably in two different settings, for example: early and late
in the day, or during a weekday/during the weekend, etc.). Just walk around, observing your surroundings. We
encourage you to walk alone.
Track your route, so that you are able to show it. Document your walk—taking pictures, videos, sketches, sound recordings.
I went to Jackson Heights once on a sunny day during the day and then went there at night on a rainy chilly night. I got two totally different feeling when I was there. The sunny day I felt safe and happy and a lot of families were out walking and shopping. It felt really lively and welcoming. Then the time I went at night it felt unsafe due to the fact there aren’t many street lights to light up the streets and there was more older man out at this time and clubs were open. I did notice the grocery stores were packed on rainy nights like this though. But this neighborhood had very different feeling from the day to night.


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