Bridge 4

Question’s I asked myself:
What’s the problem you want to solve?
I want community members to have a bike lane on Roosevelt Avenue so they don’t have to ride on the road with vehicles.
Who are the users?
People in the Jackson Heights community and people who ride bikes in New York City.
What’s your design process?
Research, sketching designs, SCAMPER, making a scale model, etc.
What are the design options and how decisions are made?
I tried designing different variations of a bike lane for Roosevelt Avenue and figuring out what would be the best material to build this bike lane. Decisions were made based off multiple reasons like materials that were durable or that will last long or the best safety option.
What are the constrains and limitations?
I only have so much space on this road to be able to put a bike lane in and also this road has an above subway track with poles supporting it on the street so we would have to work around them.
How to validate your design?
I asked for advice and imput to see if my design was possible and needed. Also trusted my research and design process.
What will be your next step?
Getting this idea to actually happen for the Jackson Heights community.
What is your intervention? Solution?
For bike riders in Jackson Heights to have a safe, less-congested and sustainable way of transportation.
Here is the link to my Bridge 4 process and project:

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