Geometric construction of the Unified Field Matrix:

From the first project of building the isotropic metric out of straws and wire, I learned how to create a 2d figure into a 3d model. I liked learning drawings and templates for the representation and constructions of the nested set of regular (platonic) solids.

The Nested Regular (Platonic) Forms

Creating a paper nested set of the five platonic solids that will become the pattern for the development of the different solids in their final material transformations while maintaining the nesting properties of parts to one another cardboard shapes so they all fit into each other. I didn’t really know how to use a compass before this class and learned all the different shapes you can make from using one.

Bucky Ball:

This was a fun assignment creating the BuckyBall learning the 2d format that creates a ball form.


I also really enjoyed building and helping with assembly the Dome that we made for earth day. I learned that it’s a long process to finalize a design and a lot of trial and error. I really liked how this was a group project and challenged us to think of sustainable materials to use and I learned knew skills working in this.

Final Project: Bamboo Swing

We were given Bamboo, that we ended up not using for the Dome, to create something else out of. I decided I wanted to make a swing out of the bamboo and used 4 smaller pieces and 2 bigger ones. I had to drill 4 holes into each bigger bamboo piece with the drill press. I then had to sand and shave down the holes so the smaller bamboo pieces fit into the holes exactly. Once the pieces fit into each hole snug, I used wood glue just so the pieces can’t fall out or be removed again. I then bought two 18 feet long ropes and used a Noose knot to attach the rope to each end of the swing. I really would love to find a tree back home to attach this swing to and try it out!


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