Bridge 5


*Think about your audience — we are the community of learners and each or us is co-responsible for our individual and group learning process. What would you like to share with others?

I would like to share that with taking this class I learned more about what actually is the meaning of a Constructed Environment. From the beginning of the semester when we took mini field trips to locations and were asked to write down what we expected to see and then go and examine a location like it to see if it matched or not. From this exercise, I now take in my surrounding better and observe the space more than I ever did before which I definitely recommend for everyone to do too.

*Think about connections and crossing paths: how can your diverse inspirations be put in dialogue? What are the main themes present in your kit? What are possible directions to explore?

The main theme I want in my kit is its okay for failures, just keep thinking of other ways to get to a point where you’re happy with the final outcome. Also that doing a lot of research from different kinds of sources and texts can be so useful and fulfilling at the end of the day. Another theme would be take time once in a while to stay updated with new innovated things happening in the design world and around the world to have more knowledge for a possible design project in the future.

*Think about the notion of “constructed environments”: what is your take on this notion?

My take on this term now is that everything in a space is designed by someone or a team to create a space built to do some type of task like to have a look, feel, accessibility, a certain activity known, etc. Everything in a space goes through a long process to get to the final product with everything thought out to a T. Meaning the materials, location, look, feeling it tries to evoke and more.

*Think about the nearest future: what is it that you have learned and how are you planning to use your skills/knowledge acquired?

I’ve learned a lot from this course. I learned to be more aware of my surroundings, using the right sources to get useful information, that meaning of terms can have different meanings for different people. I plan on using the knowledge I acquired in this class for many future projects I do and just everyday use like looking up from my phone and admire the space I’m in.

*Think about failures and mistakes: we all make them. How can we also learn from them?

I know I will always make mistakes but hope to learn from each one and grow as a person. I want to know when I’m in the wrong so I can adjust myself and learn from what I didn’t know. Like for this semester, I learned that I get overwhelmed really quickly and I need to figure out ways of dealing with that so other aspects of my life don’t get affected as well.

*Think about good practices: what in your learning/working process was really effective and should become your habit?

I really like that a requirement this semester was to go to the Writing Center to get our drafts looked over before handing in a final paper. I thought that process was very helpful with the feedback that I got back since I struggle with writing so I think I will use that feature that the school offers when having to write papers in the future for other classes.

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