It is the time to study some historical background of your neighborhood. You’re only doing it now in order to be more focused in your study: look for historical information that is useful in terms of your interests/research question.

I encourage you to get familiar with a broad perspective, but stay focused on the last 100, and even more: on the last 50 years, to better grasp the changes of your neighborhood and the phenomena you’re studying.


Write a texts summarizing your findings (what have your discovered and how does it affect/change/enrich your research?) and include a list of sources you reviewed (it doesn’t have to be annotated bibliography; a bibliography-i.e. a list of texts-is fine).

Requirement: please make sure that there is at least one academic text (an article or a book chapter) in your bibliography.

Post your submission on your LP. Please note the early deadline: it is so that I can go over your submissions before the class.

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