Drawing & Imaging Final Reflection

My ability to draw through the distortion of a real life model in front of me allowed me to gain a better grasp of proportions within my work. I was more critical of my work and hoped to produce more quality like work. Though I feel I need to practice and alter my style I feel that my work has bettered throughout this semester. I was more aware of my work in the way I attempted to draw the negative rather than the figure itself to attempt to have more accurate of work. The models were a first-time experience and in so I was able to experiment and fail and within those failures I could grow.

My art itself tends to revolve a lot about the context of my life and I tend to relate to every piece I make in one way or another. Having challenging works of art where I had to be creative and pull old ideas together to make new ones was interesting in that it was a push of my mental thought process at times to be creative with the works I was making and not regurgitate the same old ideas. Interpreting my own art as well as others went with the idea of how the artwork was effective in a design like process as well as how it was effective in a conceptual way where a deeper story was told. It was challenging but beneficial to critique artworks and find deeper as more interesting aspects to the work. The art was not just pencil on paper but rather a story that utilized several different principles of art.

Traditional drawing has always been my sort of medium and with that, I was able to push myself to utilizing the paper and doing more than a main subject on a sheet of paper but rather add depth and dimension to what I created. As for Photoshop and Illustrator, I did not learn much new with the programs but rather struggled on my own to try to create something new. Illustrator and Photoshop tended to turn out as bland reproductions of art made before me while my drawings were more successful in making new ideas.

My project utilizing several different live nude models were by far my best works of art in that I made a more complex work of art and expanded techniques as well as used a medium I was not used to and became quite successful with. I was pleased with the overall production and could see a true progression in my own skills.

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