BKLYN Army Terminal Part 2

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Due to the building being owned by the city. It is illegal to record within the sight and especially illegal to record workers. However, two employees were kind enough to answer a few questions on behalf of the project. A permit would be required to do further recording within the location.

Interview 1: Employee at desk

Their connection to the site was a decent paying job primarily composed of watching the elevators within each of the tenants. He was one of many employees who enjoyed the decent pace of the job as well as the people he was surrounded by. “The space is important to the city. There are a lot of jobs that are growing here due to the terminal. There is everyone from artists who use the location as a studio to small independent businesses that use these locations to make their products.” When asked if there was anything about the space that was unique to them, he merely stated that he enjoys the chance to have a job to come to each day.


Interview 2: Security Guard manning gate post

His connection was a new job which involved meeting several faces as they drove by. He was cheerful about his job, stating that the location was used during WWII and then bought by the city. He stated “Everyone here is very friendly. It’s nice to meet new faces and engage with others. I just got the job a few weeks back but I keep learning something new every day.” He cautioned about the rules to the site and how normally the public and those in surrounding neighborhoods did not really engage with the location unless they knew a specific room to go to.

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