Brooklyn Army Terminal Interview Questions


Questions were meant to direct interviews that were being produced at the Brooklyn Amry Terminal. Questions also speculate future research questions that would allow a better understanding of the site.

  1. Do you have direct contact with the site?
  2. How does the community interact with the site?
  3. Do you know of the history of the site?
  4. Do you know what the building is used for now?
  5. Do you think the location benefits the surroundings neighborhood?
  6. Is there anything you would change about the site?
  7. Do you wish you knew more about the purpose and use of this building?
  8. Do you have any concerns about the location?
  9. Do you think the building should have been used for something else?
  10. Do businesses and local shops have a place in this building?
  11. Is the building of value to the community?
  12. Is the purpose and use of the building of value to the community?
  13. Do you wish the building was more open to the public?
  14. Does the building have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding neighborhood?
  15. Do you think the jobs offered in the location are important to locals?
  16. Do you think that the location will increase in profit in the future?
  17. What do you think the building is important for?
  18. What is the most interesting part about the site?
  19. Is there anything you would want to see change?
  20. What do you think the location stands for?
  21. Do you think preserving the history and original appearance is important?
  22. What do you think the city could do to make the site more engaging with the public?
  23. Do you think the location should have stayed military based?
  24. Do you think the site fulfills its purpose in creating jobs and bettering New York City’s economy?
  25. Is the location seen as a separate part from the community?


 My name is Jasmin Lee Hack, I am a dual-citizen with passports in the United States and Germany. I have grown up influenced by the American military with numerous traveling excursions and various people coming in and out of my life. I am an Illustration Major with a future concentration on Medical Illustration. One may ask where this interest came from and it can be seen in the background story of my life. The various medical mysteries that stemmed from such a hectic lifestyle. I became fascinated with the intricacy of the human anatomy and began to attempt to implement this into my work.

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