empress. final for drawing class reflecting my first year within New York City.

description: the entirety of this piece consists of various aspects that compile into a metaphor for my time within the city. the kneecap bone which is in the foreground represents my mother as well as the amount of pressure and responsibility that was placed upon me within the first year. as for the face, the crown of bay leaves and the stars above reference to the tarot card of the empress and signify the increase of divine solace within myself and the strong nature of my personality that I took on. the flower petals escaping from my mouth represent the growth in my confidence in speaking and voicing my opinion to the world. the two vertebras of the backbone represent the saying “have a backbone” and how I myself needed to have a backbone in various situations. lastly, the hand reaching out is a stretch into the future and reaching on for further growth.


jasmin hack. 2017.

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