Concept: A wearable bust imitating erosion and decay in a contrast of old and new presentation. Imitating aspects of natural imperfections due to the span of time progression.

Though the bust got warped, it still presents dimension through the broken pieces and imitation of nature and erosion.

Materials: Plaster, Free Form Air Epoxy, Gesso

Meaning: After a progressing reflection, the reason for creation stemmed from a degenerating friendship based on hardships encompassing the apartment we shared. The photograph of the bust is in the corner of her window in her empty room that I spent time in only when I was creating this piece, I reframed from interacting with it in any other instance. The cracking is a direct representation of the breaking of the friendship on her own doing while the growth was a double innuendo – new growth in myself as well as festering feelings of pain and frustration that seemed to take over me. I constantly was wearing her disaster on me, the growth seemed a representation of the actual growth of burden I incurred from her that hung on me. The nudity was a form of vulnerable exposure I incurred as she turned her back on me and then began to destroy our friendship out of her own fears.  The ever persistent white undertone of what lay beneath the plaster (my skin) could be a form of representing that I strived to allow my integrity and wholesomeness to remain and shine through an increasing urge to retaliate and hurt her as she did in so many ways. I had not seen the meaning at first but it great the more I reflected the feelings that began to settle as I shut the door to that apartment for the last time after a good cry sitting in the echoing space that once was filled with friendship and memories.



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