ASSIGNMENT#7- Wood Necklace & Mechanical


  • Pick wood scraps from the wood shop
  • Prepare a few design concepts (sketches) of a Necklace to be made of three or more wood components.
  • Use the shop machines (band saw); hand saw, Drill press or hand drill, sander or sandpaper to shape the components

This project, We asked to practice and try different wood and using wood shop machines,  mechanical connectors and working on wood scraps to design and make a necklace.

Brain storm:


Working process:

The necklace final model


For this assignment, I want to show the Chinese culture through the design. I created auspicious clouds and the traditional Chinese meaning of  double round things and lucky number 8.  At the middle, I use Chinese letter 福, it means blessing. It will bring good fortune to anyone. 

The working process, it was very fun. It was the first time to learn the machine to cut the wood.  Use the different function of machine to design the shape I want.

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