Organic design, inspired by nature

Assignment description: The designer Lovegrove use organic design and make the product more natural and he also use the organic design lead to the future.

Name of designer: Ross Lovegrove

Reflection: I thought he interested in create intelligent form that was a good point make him good at use organic design and 3D design. He believes that inspiration of form in the world comes from how nature grows. In nature, everything grows like coral or how some things regeneration. I learned from that he step by step to achieve his project or product, even someone didn’t trust him, he never try to change his mind. 


Treat design as art

Assignment description: Paola Antonelli want to show that design is part of our life, we can work with a comfortable way and design have different standards, it depends on the view of design.

Name of designer: Paola Antonelli

Reflection: I have the same ideas with her, design really looks upon the world and it considers the world in all of its different ranges. We can focus on one part, because designers sometimes don’t do things that are immediately functional, but they’re functional to our understanding of issues. We should know design is try to solve the problem.  As she mentioned, the new kinds of materials could be used for every design and I believe it increases more excellent products. Thus, design can be created by observing behavior, economy and our daily life. 


Pirates, nurses and other rebel designers

Assignment description: Alice Rawsthorn finds the work of unlikely heroes and shows how the greatest designers are often the most rebellious. These people began with a dream. And the bolder the dream, they have passion on it And this is why the biggest dreamers and rebels and renegades can have good achievements. And I believe design can give more opportunity to increase our lifestyle and habits. 

Name of designer: Alice Rawsthorn


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