ASSIGNMENT# 3 – Drawing contour line with 3D materials

This assignment we were going to draw our self portrait in a continued line, and use a 2D drawing into 3D portraits by using different leaner materials.

Materials and Tools:



Final Portraits:


Firstly, I used sketchbook to draw self portrait in a continued line and also draw the same one to other 2 pieces of 8″11″ foam board. Then I separately used rope, foam board, cardboard strips and metal wire to attach them without using glue. I use cardboard strips embed into foam board and also use nails to control the rope. The last one I also use nails to attach metal wire.

Because this is my first handwork project, I felt very interesting, I improved my creative and handwork ability. I also learned new materials during this process. Next time, I hope I can try other materials and possibility to finish the project.

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