ASSIGNMENT#6- Straw Polyhedrons

This assignment, we should use plastic straw with other linear materials to create two 3D polyhedrons and use mechanical connectors instead of using glue.

I decided to create a diamond shape and a small triangle. Furthermore, the color of straw I chose yellow because it was easy to find the shape.

Materials and Tools:


Use strews and rope to make a 2D triangle


Use the same process to create the shape


The finished diamond shape

The next step is use the extra rope to create a triangle.

Here is the finish the composition:



Consequently, I found this assignment was not hard to create but the difficult part was how to control the shape use rope. I am feel this project can help us improve creative ability. In my opinion, when I tried to connect them together and combine them to have a great composition, it was quite hard to find the rope’s direction. Finally, I finished this project.

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