Bridge 2_Composite Portrait Mask

Project Description:

In this assignment, we were asked to create a composite portrait mask of ourselves and our partner. This portrait was based on interviews with our partner the goal of this project is creating a new fictional person.

Interview, Observations:


Collaborative Manifesto

We are for an art that encourage people follow their dream and never give up.

We are for an art that bring the sunshine to my friends, share our favorite stories to each other.

We are for an art that drink the coffee in the morning, enjoy the fresh air. 



Johnny Chen& Tianmei Xie

  1. Why you want to mix Chinese culture and Egypt Culture together?
  2. What kinds of elements would you like to use?
  3. What’s the meaning of this musk?
  4. How do you feel during this process?
  5. What materials you use?
  6. Do you select your favorite style for your musk?
  7. Have ever make musk before? How was it ?
  8. Which elements represent your personality?
  9. Which one is your favorite from your mood board?
  10. What information you want to show to your audience?
  11. What is your inspiration from during the research?
  12. What’s your personality in your mind?
  13. When you face the challenge, how do you change your attitude?
  14. What’s your advice about team work?
  15. How do you make the cooperation have a better result.
  16. Which part of personality you would use in our project.
  17. How was the work divided in our group?
  18. What did you discover about your work and yourself through this particular collaboration?
  19. What risks did you take in this project? 
  20. Do you feel collaboration required you to compromise on your intention? 

Notes from The Met:

During the Studio class, we went to MET Museum. Me and Tianmei followed our decision, we searched the Egypt and Chinese Culture. Here is the images that we found at that day. We put them in our mood board. We found different musks and elements to support our ideas. It also can bring us more inspirations. We discovered different shapes and materials musks. It was a interesting process we did. 


Mood Board:



Egyptian art in antiquity

The Egyptians were one of the first major civilizations to codify design elements in art. The wall painting done in the service of the Pharaohs followed a rigid code of visual rules and meanings. Early Egyptian art is characterized by the absence of linear perspective, which results in a seemingly flat space. These artists tended to create images based on what they knew, and not as much on what they saw. Objects in these artworks generally do not decrease in size as they increase in distance and there is little shading to indicate depth. Sometimes, distance is indicated through the use of tiered space, where more distant objects are drawn higher above the nearby objects, but in the same scale and with no overlapping of forms. People and objects are almost always drawn in profile.

Painting achieved its greats height in Dynasty XVII during the reigns of Tuthmose IV and Amenhotep III. The Fragmentary panel of the Lady Thepu, on the right, dates from the time of the latter king.

Early Egyptian artists did have a system for maintaining dimensions within artwork. They used a grid system that allowed them to create a smaller version of the artwork, and then scale up the design based upon proportional representation in a larger grid.

Arts of China

Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists. The Chinese art in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of overseas Chinese can also be considered part of Chinese art where it is based in or draws on Chinese heritage and Chinese culture. Early “stone age art” dates back to 10,000 BC, mostly consisting of simple pottery and sculptures. After this early period Chinese art, like Chinese history, is typically classified by the succession of ruling dynasties of Chinese emperors, most of which lasted several hundred years.

Chinese art has arguably the oldest continuous tradition in the world, and is marked by an unusual degree of continuity within, and consciousness of, that tradition, lacking an equivalent to the Western collapse and gradual recovery of classical styles. The media that have usually been classified in the West since the Renaissance as the decorative arts are extremely important in Chinese art, and much of the finest work was produced in large workshops or factories by essentially unknown artists, especially in Chinese ceramics.





I want to create a musk with all the elements from Egypt and Chinese culture.


The final project:



Johnny Chen

How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 2?

I think it is an interesting process when me and Tianmei work together. We use brainstorming and make interview questions to find different and same characters from each other. It helps us to create the character and design our mask. We use these experiences to make a mood board, it is a basement about the mask. Because we can use these element and ideas to design a distinctive mask. I had a better and a clear understand of what my mask will be look like.   

What did you discover about your work and yourself through this particular collaboration? 

I discover team work is a necessary process, because every one has different ideas. We mix them together can find many inspirations. Our collaboration, we can use our own strength to finish it, such Tianmei is good at drawing and I am good at hand making, we separated the work. During the working process, we discussed the ideas and changed details again and again. w]We like to communicate with each other. We have our own strength on different field, so it can make our musk diversity. 

What was your intention for the final story, and how do you feel you conveyed that intention? Do you feel collaboration required you to compromise on your intention? Do you feel collaboration enhanced your intention? 

The final story intention to he was really hard to control his emotion and attitude before but finally he changed his personality and learned how to control himself.  I feel more interesting about create a character and wrote a story to find the problem of ourselves. I also can feel collaboration enhanced my intention because everyone has their own experience of life. It can make our story have more conflict and meaning. 

What risks did you take in this project? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?

The risk of the project that is we want to use scissor to cut Bristol and create a shape like lion face but it really hard to calculate the size and different angle of the face. I am carefully to use scissor and knife because I follow the sketch and don’t want to make the mistakes. Every time I counted the size and number were use lots of time. 

From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a collaborator?

Firstly, before doing any steps, we should discuss first and give the plans different ideas and options for it. Secondly, tried to make our workload was equal because we are a team. 

Collaboration Evaluation

Assign your partner (or partners) a letter grade for their contributions to this assignment. Explain each choice.

All my group members got A. Firstly, because we had good time management to meet each on the weekend. We separated our work and We all chose our strength part and use it better and better. It was a good cooperation. 

Assign yourself a letter grade for your contributions to this assignment. Explain this choice.

A, I think I can give it to myself. I made lots of hand making work for the project and give some advice to change the musk. I spent lots of time to get a right size of the musk and shape. 

How was the work divided in your group? Was the workload equal? Explain.

Me and Tianmei all tried to create a 3D model musk and hand working for cutting them. And we also sketch different part and shape of musk. Our workload was equal.

How do you believe your partner/group members succeeded as collaborators? What feedback for improvement would you offer if given the opportunity?

Firstly, we are all kind person and we like to communicate with each other. We have our own strength on different field. That means we can be more professional on our own part.  About feedback, I think next time we can challenge more 3D models and paint more colors. 

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