Assignment #15 – Mass & Modularity


  1. Create a 3D solid cube or rectangular or an abstract shape (size 5” x 5”)
  2. Use an isometric drawing to deconstruct the rectilinear form to create the 3D object combined from different materials, which are interlocked to create a solid shape (think of children building blocks, or lego game). Each component should be from a different solid material.
  3. Use the negative space to create a complementary form of different solid material/s based on your materials research exploration. It can be clay, fabric, sheets of paper/ cardboard- laminated (glued) one on top of the other, inflatable (fabric with filling material a pillow like), etc.
  4. Take into consideration the composition, the texture, the density of the materials, how they function and react to each other. Use the 3D design principles and elements  


Concept of design:


I want to use different materials to finish my work. From my mind, I would choose plaid wood, hard wood or MDF. And rest of the design, I may use card board and cotton.

Material and tools:

Working process: 

I use ruler to count the size of card board and use machine to cut the wood. Because the wood have different direction for my product, I make number on each wood to help them have the correct direction. About the shape of bottom, I just want to create a bridge style. It is quite hard to make the shape.


Final project:

I used five different materials:

  1. Hardwood
  2. Plywood
  3. MDF
  4. Cotton
  5. Cardboard


About these five different materials, the cotton is the interesting one. I use water to make them same as a solid material. It is a really fun project to play with these materials. I know the texture of different kinds of wood. I follow the sketch to create this structure. If I have next time, I would use plasticine to create a better shape on the top. 



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